What are the application requirements of the chiller for the compressor

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The compressor is the heart of the chiller and is one of the core components. During the operation of the chiller, the two must work closely together to perform the cooling work well, otherwise various situations of one kind or another will occur. So what are the application requirements of the compressor for the chiller (mainly referring to the screw chiller)? Let's take a look at the key considerations for compressor applications.

(1). System pump set

Pumping generally occurs when the chiller is temporarily maintained, or when the chiller is not used for a long time, the compressor should not be pumped at any other time, because the refrigerant in the pumping compressor will cause refrigeration at the suction side Insufficient agent, resulting in abnormal high temperature in the compression chamber and overheating of the motor. In case of a pump set for the chiller system, the following items must be paid attention to:

1. Choose to perform pumping work when the refrigeration compressor of the chiller runs to 100% load.

2. The pump assembly should be completed at one time, because repeated pump assembly will cause harm to the compressor and compression chamber.

3. When pumping, the minimum suction pressure should be kept above 0.5bar.

4. When carrying out compressor pump collection, it must be noted that the exhaust temperature does not exceed 110°C.

5. Pay attention to the high and low pressure of the compressor and the noise during operation. If there is any abnormal rush to mine, immediately stop the pump set.

(2). Long-term partial load operation

When the compressor of the chiller needs to operate under 50% load conditions, even if the compressor is running within its limit curve under this condition, or the temperature of the motor is lower than the overload trip setting value, If the compressor continues to run under this working condition, the air intake will be too low, resulting in insufficient heat dissipation of the compressor motor. During the operation of the chiller, the compressor works under high temperature conditions for a long time, and the motor will gradually deteriorate due to insufficient heat dissipation of the motor, and the motor will be severely damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that when you run the chiller under this working condition, you should set the liquid spray device to turn on when the motor coil temperature exceeds 85.

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