Problems that need attention in the use, installation and maintenance of air-cooled chillers

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Commercial Air & Water Cooled Chillers

The air-cooled chiller has many advantages in terms of performance, which makes its application range more and more extensive, and its advantages such as small footprint and fully computerized automatic control operation management mode have been favored by more enterprise users. Today I will share with you the issues that need attention in the use, installation, and maintenance of air-cooled chillers.

1. Construction and operation of air-cooled chillers:

1. A distance of 2 meters between air-cooled chillers is absolutely necessary to ensure good heat dissipation and efficient operation of the unit. If the distance is less than 0.5 meters, it will not only not meet the purpose of sufficient heat exchange for the unit, but also be inconvenient Operation, maintenance and overhaul in the daily operation of operators.

2. The relationship between installation location and noise. It is necessary to consider the impact of the noise of the air-cooled chiller on the surrounding environment of the installation site. According to the noise and related environmental reports provided by the manufacturer, when the final decision is made to install the unit on the building, the horizontal distance from the office and residential buildings should be greater than 5 meters. should.

3. The load and vibration of the unit. The heavy weight of the chiller, coupled with the vibration during operation, has a great impact on the building, so it is very important to reduce the vibration of the chiller. In addition, screw the solid bolt of the rigid damping spring of the unit to the end. After opening it to the maximum extension length, use another solid cap to prevent it from slipping, so that the unit has double damping protection.

4. Treatment of dust accumulation in air-cooled chillers. After the air-cooled chiller has been in operation for a period of time, the air-cooled condensate plate has serious dust accumulation, which reduces the heat dissipation area by more than 20% during the period, which affects the cooling effect and working efficiency of the unit. When it is serious, it will automatically shut down and give an alarm. The use of high-pressure water flushing will cause the aluminum sheet to fall and damage the unit. Therefore, high-pressure air purge and water flushing maintenance methods are used. The rapid air flow generated by the air pump sweeps dust.


2. Shading and rainproof of air-cooled chillers:

Since the air-cooled chiller is placed outdoors for a long time, in order to maintain the working efficiency and stability of the equipment, it is necessary to reduce the erosion of the sun and rain. It is recommended to build a 6-meter high rainproof sun shed with vents on the station.

3. Maintenance work of air-cooled chillers in winter:

In winter, the air-cooled chiller is in a state of stopping operation, but due to the cold climate in the north, all the frozen water in the evaporator must be drained in winter to avoid freezing the pipeline. If there is an air pump, it is best to blow Scan it again to clean the steel pipe wall. Cover the unit and canvas to ensure normal use in the second year.

The above are the issues that need attention in the use, installation, and maintenance of air-cooled chillers. Doing the above matters can help the equipment to be more stable and efficient in daily operation. It is reminded that you need to pay special attention to the equipment in the construction. Noise, vibration and dust accumulation during operation.

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