How to install the cooling tower,For water-cooled chiller

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Commercial Air & Water Cooled Chillers /industrial water chiller

1. Avoid installing on waterproof channels and high walls that easily reflect the volume, and should be installed on the roof or a place with air circulation.

2. When two or more cooling towers are used together, pay attention to the distance between the towers.

3. It should not be installed in a place with external walls or airtight on all sides, and attention should be paid to the distance between the tower body and the external wall.

4. Avoid installing places with soot and dust to prevent the film from being blocked.

5. Keep away from the kitchen and boiler room to a hot place.

Two, installation points

1. The foundation should be level and not inclined, and the center line of the cooling tower should be perpendicular to the uneven surface, otherwise it will affect the work of the motor.

2. For the cooling inlet and outlet pipes over 175t, the support should be adjusted.

3. When there are two or more water pumps, a balanced water pipe should be added between the basins.

4. Circulating water inlet and outlet connections should be connected with shock absorbers.

5. The fan blades of the cooling tower should be in the same gap with the tower wall, and the gap between the two sides and three blades should not be too large. If the problem is found, the problem should be solved in time.

6. The motor and reducer should be repaired regularly by the inspection institute, and the oil level of the reducer should be checked.

Three, start inspection

1. Whether all screws are tight and whether there is debris in the tower.

2. Whether the fan and sprinkler system rotate smoothly.

3. Check whether the power supply and motor voltage are consistent.

4. Whether the belt assembly is installed correctly.

5. Open the water supply valve and fill the basin and water pipe completely, and the water level is 25mm below the full water pipe.

6. When starting, turn on the fan before the water pump, check the wind direction and air volume, and adjust in time until the requirements are met.

7. When stopping, stop the fan first and then stop the water pump.

Four, operation check

1. Keep the water tower clean and do water quality treatment regularly.

2. After running for about 60 hours, the belt tension must be rechecked to ensure that it is normal.

3. The oil level of the gear reduction box and the lubricating oil must be replaced after 150 hours of operation.

5. Installation instructions for cross-flow cooling tower

1. According to the basic diagram provided by the manufacturer, first measure whether the foundation is embedded correctly and whether the foundation is level and firm. Otherwise, corresponding

Process or suspend the installation.

2. After the basic verification process is completed, combine the lower iron frame and the iron part number to complete the installation of the lower iron frame on the basis, and the column feet of the non-iron frame

It may be installed in the center of a pre-embedded steel plate, and adjust the top of the lower iron frame to be on the same level as possible.

3. Installation of water basin and water tank combination The water basin combination is 15mm larger than the lower iron frame.

4. Do a good job of preventing leakage of water basins and water tanks. See installation instructions for the procedures.

5. After adjusting the foot plate of the lower iron frame and the corresponding foundation plate, weld them firmly, and ensure fire safety.

6. Complete the installation of the upper iron frame according to the upper iron frame installation drawing and iron part number.

7. Adjust the upper iron frame so that the surface of each frame is level, and the combined length, width, height and diagonal of the vertical iron frame of each column meet the given size, and then close it.

Tighten all screws.

8. According to the packing and other accessories, finally install the fan and motor, and carefully adjust until it meets the design requirements.

6. Control and maintenance:

1. Ontology

●It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (F.R.P). The surface does not need to be painted. When it is dirty, wash it with soapy water and rinse it with water to keep the surface smooth and beautiful.

2. Water tray

●If there is dirt or algae in the water pan, please wash it with clean water and then drain it. The water filter at the water outlet should also be kept clean.

3. Heat dissipation material

●If the water quality can be kept clean, the heat dissipation material does not need special maintenance.

4. Fan

●Whether the fan blade is cracked or damaged, the tip of the blade and the inner wall of the main body should keep a certain distance.

5. Painting

●The metal parts of the cooling tower should be painted regularly to prevent rust.

6. Motor

●The maintenance of the motor should be implemented according to the maintenance manual of the motor manufacturer

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