Application of chillers in various industries

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Commercial Air & Water Cooled Chillers
With a wide assortment of water-cooled chiller types (scroll, screw, and centrifugal), capacities (16 to 5,500 Tons) and sustainable refrigerant choices, Carrier is a pioneer in the business. Whether it be non-ozone depleting refrigerant, modular or simple setup, superior efficiency and strong controls, these chillers are best for both replacement and new construction projects. Our innovative chiller solutions are designed to bring efficient, dependable cooling to all kinds of large industrial applications.

Application of chillers in various industries

1. Refrigerators in the plastics industry are used in the cooling of molding molds of plastic processing machinery, which can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, reduce surface marks and internal stress of plastic products, make the products do not shrink or deform, facilitate the demolding of plastic products, and accelerate the product Shaped, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency of the plastic molding machine.

The plastic pellets are heated and melted and injected into the mold. After condensing, the mold is opened to eject the molded plastic workpiece. During continuous production, it is necessary to cool the mold to shorten the plastic setting time, improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, and improve the molding quality and surface quality. .

   Frozen water temperature requirement: 6~18℃

   Frozen water temperature difference requirement: ±2K or ±0.5K

The refrigeration capacity of the refrigeration unit is related to the injection volume of the injection molding machine. The larger the injection volume, the greater the required cooling capacity.

The production of plastic containers (bottle blowing) and packaging film is even more inseparable from refrigerators (ice water machines): if plastic containers cannot be cooled and shaped in time during the production process, the produced containers will not be full, uneven wall thickness, and even color and luster. The inability to form leads to lower product quality. In the production of packaging film, if there is no cooling and forming of cold water (wind), qualified products cannot be produced. If the cold water (wind) provided by a refrigerator (ice water machine) is used for cooling, it can not only be greatly cooled Improve product quality and also increase production efficiency.

Injection molding machines are usually rated by clamping force, which requires conversion of tonnage into ounces, but tonnage and ounces are not one-to-one correspondence. The following comparison table is only a general conversion relationship, and there are certain upper and lower limits. deviation.

2. Electroplating industry In the electroplating industry oxidation and electrophoresis industry, refrigerators help stabilize metal and non-metal ions, so that metal ions can quickly attach to electroplated parts, oxide parts, and electrophoretic parts, which not only increase density and smoothness, but also reduce electroplating In the number of electroplating production, the electroplating solution generates heat continuously during the electroplating reaction, thereby gradually increasing the temperature of the electroplating solution. When the temperature of the electroplating solution is higher than the process requirements, the firmness of the plating layer on the appearance of the electroplating product produced Uniformity, flatness and appearance finish have a great influence. In the production process of electronic components, the refrigerating machine (cold water machine) should be used to connect or cool the components at a specific temperature, so that the functional parameters of the electronic components can be controlled in a preset state. Water to cool and maintain the constant temperature of the electroplating solution will greatly improve the electroplating production process and production efficiency

3. The laser industry is mainly used in laser marking machines, laser engraving machines, laser welding machines, laser printers, laser cutting machines and other laser processing equipment. It can precisely control the temperature required by the laser equipment, thereby ensuring the laser equipment Works normally. Product features: Adopt Japanese famous brand Panasonic compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable, in order to increase the service life of the equipment. The use of high-efficiency finned condensers has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, plus high-efficiency external rotor fans, and no need to connect to a cooling tower system. Use industrial pure titanium and open stainless steel water tank evaporator, built-in water level protection and other devices to facilitate customers to add water, clean and maintain. The use of stainless steel multi-stage pumps and water pipelines can prevent solids and other metal impurities from being generated during the transportation of pure water.

In the laser (laser) system, the laser source, beam controller and electric control cabinet may all require additional cooling. The freezing water temperature is usually between 15...22℃, and the freezing water accuracy is usually ±1K or ±2K. Some equipment may require ±0.5K, and other equipment has certain requirements for frozen water conductivity and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the water quality requirements are very high, and the pipe material is stainless steel or PVC pipe. For special applications in laser systems, industrial refrigerators can be specially designed to meet different requirements.

Fourth, UV curing machine:   Features: stepless dimming + water cooling + metal halide lamp = energy saving + low temperature + high efficiency, the lamp room uses water cooling + air cooling type heat exhaust, heat insulation quartz glass is installed under the lamp tube, effectively reducing Illuminate the surface temperature of the object to protect dry objects from thermal deformation and prolong the service life of the lamp; the water-cooled series is suitable for: offset printing machines, gravure printing machines, flexo printing machines, coating machines and other printing equipment at home and abroad. Offset printing machines such as: Germany manroland, Heidelberg, KBA, Japan Komori, Liang Ming, Mitsubishi, Sakurai, Beiren, etc. Gravure printing machines such as: Swiss Bobst, Italy Cerudi, Xi'an Black Bull, Zhongshan Songde

V. Ultrasonic cleaner:    It has been proved by research that when ultrasonic waves act in the liquid, the bursting of each bubble in the liquid will produce a shock wave with extremely high energy, which is equivalent to an instantaneous high temperature of several Baidu and up to thousands of atmospheres. This phenomenon Known as "cavitation", ultrasonic cleaning uses the shock wave generated by the burst of bubbles in the liquid to clean and wash the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece.

   The second ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, causing the liquid to vibrate together with the cleaning tank at the ultrasonic frequency. When the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate, they have their own natural frequency. This vibration frequency is the sound wave frequency, so people hear the buzzing sound.

The suitable cleaning temperature of    water cleaning fluid is 40-60℃, especially in cold weather, if the temperature of the cleaning fluid is low, the cavitation effect is poor, and the cleaning effect is also poor. Therefore, some cleaning machines wrap a heating electric wire outside the cleaning tank for temperature control. When the temperature rises, cavitation is easy to occur, so the cleaning effect is better. When the temperature continues to rise, the gas pressure in the cavity increases, causing the impact sound pressure to drop, reflecting the multiplication of these two factors.

  Finally combined with economic factors, the Shanjing brand industrial refrigerator can lower the temperature of the cleaning agent, condense the gaseous cleaning agent, and effectively prevent the volatilization of the cleaning agent.

6. Reactor industry

  Features of special refrigerator for reaction kettle: adopt imported medium and low temperature compressor, fully automatic computer controller, refrigeration pipe material is "titanium", high-efficiency heat exchanger, and international famous brand accessories, temperature control range is -80℃ ~20℃, widely used in fine chemicals, food additives, corn deep processing (starch), pharmacy, medical storage, etc.

7. The food industry is used for high-speed cooling after food processing to adapt to packaging requirements. There is also control of the temperature of fermented foods.

8. Coating industry A. Vacuum degree film: The intermediate frequency vacuum coating machine generally needs a refrigerator as the cooling equipment of the coating machine (mainly cylindrical target). The intermediate frequency equipment must add cooling water because of its high frequency and large current. When the current flows in the conductor, there is a skin effect, and the charge will accumulate on the surface area of ​​the conductor, so that the conductor heats up, so a mesoporous tube is used as the conductor to add water for cooling.

B. Ion coating: surface treatment of watch parts, jewelry, jewelry, daily hardware, plumbing equipment, craft jewelry, plastic products, sanitary ware, locks, lamps, tableware, and various handles. The ionization source needs to be heated and started during initial work, and needs to be cooled during operation. Failure of the cooling system will cause damage to the ionization source. The cooling water must be cooled by the high-pressure water pump to the cooling channel in the ionization source.

C. Coated glass: often requires a large refrigeration unit, usually a combination of multiple screw chillers. The coating production line needs to be heated to reach a certain temperature before startup. After startup, because of its own heat generation, it needs to be cooled by chilled water to maintain a lower temperature.

9. In the electronic product industry circuit board manufacturing process, heat is generated when the copper on the surface of the copper plate is corroded, which increases the temperature in the corrosion pool and affects the quality of the circuit board. Industrial refrigeration can protect the temperature of the corrosion pool.

Circuit board cleaning: The industrial refrigerator can reduce the temperature of the cleaning agent, condense the gaseous cleaning agent, and effectively prevent the volatilization of the cleaning agent.

When cleaning electronic components and circuit boards, the cleaning agent will volatilize into the air. Use frozen water/refrigerant in the tube to condense the cleaning agent through the copper tube/titanium tube. Keep the cleaning pool at a moderate temperature to reduce the volatilization of the cleaning agent.

10. In the glass industry, general glass is heated at high temperature and then quickly cooled. The cooling water temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the tempering quality. Industrial refrigerators are used to provide frozen water for cooling, and the water temperature is not affected by the ambient temperature to ensure product quality.

11. The production and storage of pharmaceuticals and biological products require a low temperature and low humidity environment. The low-temperature refrigeration unit can use ethylene glycol as the carrier refrigerant to provide 5...-15℃ refrigerant to provide the necessary cold source for low temperature and low humidity. When cooling is required in winter, the unit can be equipped with a special control system, so that the unit can still maintain cooling operation in a low temperature environment of -15°C.

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