Application of chiller in the field of mechanical processing Application of chiller in the field of mechanical processing

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Commercial Air & Water Cooled Chillers /industrial water chiller

Why do I need a chiller?

Many mechanical processing equipment generates heat during processing and production. The heat generated during mechanical processing causes the temperature of the processing equipment to rise, the processing equipment is deformed by heat, and becomes high temperature to accelerate the deterioration of oil quality, and the working state of the equipment becomes unstable , Produce errors, accelerate the wear of the tool, and cannot guarantee the machining accuracy of the parts.

In order to improve the precision of machining and to increase the service life of mechanical parts, we need to cool the machine through a chiller.

For example, machining centers, engraving machines, CNC machine tools, etc. will generate a lot of heat during the machining process. In this process, a chiller can be used to cool it down to extend its service life.

Where need cooling?

1. Motorized spindle, high-speed mechanical spindle, dynamic pressure spindle, threaded shaft, machine tool and other mechanical parts

2. Cooling of various hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting fluid and grinding fluid.

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