What is the role of the water pump of the industrial refrigerator refrigeration system

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The water pump is an important accessory part of the refrigeration system of the industrial refrigerator. Today we talk about the function of the chilled water pump. The chilled water pump is responsible for providing a certain pressure and water flow according to the needs of the industrial chiller system. The chilled water pump is the water pump, also known as the circulating water pump. Of course, the chilled water pump is not just the only water pump in the industrial chiller system. Water pumps are also possible. Exist in the cooling water system of the air-cooled machine.

The chilled water pump can determine the flow of chilled water, that is to say, the flow of chilled water is not only affected by the size and capacity of the water tank, but also by the chilled water pump

The water flow rate can determine the refrigeration temperature to a certain extent. When the same cooling capacity is transported by chilled water as the refrigerant, the higher the water flow, the higher the temperature of the cooling capacity

The water flow is controlled by the chilled water pump, so there is a close relationship between the chilled water pump and the refrigeration of the industrial refrigerator. The specific reasons are as follows: as the flow of chilled water increases, the cooling capacity per unit area of ​​chilled water will decrease. Although the total cooling capacity has not changed, the cooling capacity per unit area of ​​chilled water has been reduced. If the flow of chilled water is large, the cooling effect will be worse and the temperature will be higher, but this does not mean that the cooling capacity of the compressor and the entire industrial refrigerator system is worse.

There are various other relationships between the chilled water pump and the refrigeration capacity of industrial refrigerators

The chilled water pump is in the chilled water water system. The chilled water system includes water pipes, chilled water tanks, water pumps, etc. The specific parameter selection and type selection of the water pump have a lot to do with the type of industrial refrigeration. Whether the right parameter model can be selected will directly determine the refrigeration capacity of the industrial refrigerator, and even determine whether the industrial refrigerator can work normally.

The purpose of the chilled water pump is to increase the chilled water, and its pressure parameter is a more important parameter. Although there are many different types of pumps according to the principle of the pump, the centrifugal pump is commonly used, which is suitable for most open Type, closed or semi-closed industrial refrigerators, industrial refrigeration units!

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